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Westbury Environmental Limited deliver informative and educational events on waste regulation concerning specific industry sectors and subjects. By attending one of our events you will gain a thorough understanding of how relevant regulation impacts on your activities and more importantly how to comply with their requirements.

We will provide you with knowledge so that you can confidently operate your site without fear of problems arising from visits by regulators. We like to get interactive on the webinars and provide plenty of opportunities for attendees to ask questions. 

Your Waste: Is it Hazardous? Webinar starting on Tuesday 1st September 

Are you classifying your waste correctly? Are you sure? If you answered "No" to either of these questions, then join us at our upcoming webinar series.

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Regulation of Soil: Clear as Mud Webinar starting on Tuesday 22nd September

If you move, treat or deposit soil then this webinar series is definitely for you. You are likely to be involved with land developments, haulage / muckaway, demolition or construction/demolition waste treatment.

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Regulation of Soil: Clear As Mud

Gain clarification of the regulations so that you can confidently handle soil without worry of prosecution, heavy fines or potential business closure.

  • Session 1
    - Getting the Fundamentals Right
    - Regulatory Overview
    - Regulation in Action
  • Session 2
    - Treatment Facilties
    - Soil: Always a Waste
    - Recycled Aggregates
  • Session 3
    - Deposit of Soil on Land
    - Using Soil as a Non-Waste Material
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Your Waste: Is it Hazardous?

  • Session 1
    - Introduction and Fundamentals
    - Consequences of not classifying your waste correctly
    - Classification: A brief guide
  • Session 2
    - Regulation in action
    - The ingredients for a robust classification
    - Bringing it all together
  • Session 3
    - Ways to assess
    - Waste Classification: The Assessment
    - Assessments: The good, the bad and the ugly
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Understand Your Permit and Environmental Management System: Everything you should know

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