14 May 2020

Even as a small consultancy we handle an immense amount of electronic data. Focus has been on the organisation of that data to ensure information can be

readily retrieved. However, more recently we have turned our focus to security.

Following a successful funding application in late 2019, we replaced all our IT equipment. This paved the way for our application for certification

under Cyber Essentials. This Government backed scheme is designed to help you to protect your organisation against a whole range of the most common

cyber attacks.

Despite the pandemic we did not want to delay progress and submitted it just after the lockdown. Of course, we were all working from home by that time.

I was gutted to have our application rejected by the auditor due to temporary changes in our working situation due to COVID19. We turned around

the situation within 48 hours and was awarded the certificate. As such, I think we are the first and may be the only company to have a pandemic

proof Cyber Essentials certificate.

I must mention the superb work from Bespoke Computing Ltd. in Telford who designed, installed and set up our whole IT system, they have provided on-going

support and assisted us with our Cyber Essentials application.

We take our responsibility for the security of our IT system very seriously and are proud to be able to demonstrate this to our clients and suppliers

by proudly wearing our Cyber Essentials badge – in an electronically acceptable way of course.